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Order your cat online

When Amazon delivers your 10000+ pages of books, they always package it in a decent box. So decent that my mom’s cat is now using it as a bed :-)  

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Paarl Mountain Bike Race

Just discovered these two photos that were taken at the Droomers Nissan Paarl Mountain Bike race. Cycling up and down, up and down Paarl mountains was rough, but good times nevertheless !!!

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Interesting CAPTCHAs

From time to time I see really interesting captchas, some of them much more fun than the boring try-to-read-this-garbled-text. This one from adafruit.com fascinated me, prove that you are human by reading this resistor!

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If Carpenters Were Hired Like Programmers

Interviewer: So, you’re a carpenter, are you? Carpenter: That’s right, that’s what I do. Interviewer: How long have you been doing it? Carpenter: Ten years. Interviewer: Great, that’s good. Now, I have a few...

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EEG and Binaural Beats

Today I got the chance to meet some specialist from the East specialising in EEG (Electroencephalography – the recording of electrical activity along the scalp). Some pizza and the promise of getting to experiment...